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Economics and Financing

Capitalization Growth

Cost Containment Methods

Portfolio Management

Strategic Role of Hydro Power in Russia’s Economy


New Hydro Energy Production

Integrating Hydro Power with Other Renewable Energy Sources

Multi-Purpose Uses of Hydro Projects

Public Private Partnerships

Pumped Storage

Ocean / Tidal / Stream Power

Regulatory Frameworks to Allow for New Development

Small Hydro





Diagnostics and Monitoring


Efficiency Improvements


New Technologies

Research and Development



Operating, Upgrading and Modernizing Existing Assets

Capacity Increases

Civil, Dams, and Hydraulic Structure Repair and Refurbishment

Environmental Efficiencies

Modernization / Reconstruction of Existing Facilities

Plant Maintenance Best Practices

Reliability and Safety Improvements

Security and Protection against Terrorism

Standards and Technical Regulations Establishment and Improvement

Technological Advances


Small Hydro Energy

Equipment Standardization

New Development



Note: Abstracts related to conventional power should be submitted to the co-located Russia Power conference. For further information, please log on to www.russia-power.org



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